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  • Data collection and Controllers
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    Flexible automation products
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  • Pipe Processing Automation
    PLC & Computer
    Operator Console Control
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  • Torque View™ Systems
    Advance Torque/Turn Monitoring System
    Fourth Generation
    High Reliability & Performance
    TorqueView™ Products

We started as a software company in 1986. We have evolved into a test equipment's design house for energy sector.

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Anthelion Systems, Inc. is a full service Hardware and Software design company that specializes in Embedded Systems, Instrumentation, and Consulting. We have been manufacturing industrial instrumentation and data logging systems for over 30 years. We have an excellent combination of know-how in Electronic Design and Computer Software. Anthelion Systems, Inc. is all about providing the best product and the best service. We are interested in developing partnerships and business to business relationships with companies to utilize our expertise in their design for Embedded Systems and Application needs. Throughout the years, Anthelion has developed products and gained extensive experience that would advance your product in the competing market with a substantial savings in design, maintenance, and training. Anthelion Systems strives to meet and maximize the profit opportunities and goals of your company. We will provide you with superior products and services. Anthelion Systems is committed to bringing you the best, most cost efficient product on the market today with your companies needs as our main concern.
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torqueView™ Advanced Torque & Turn System for Tubular Goods.


Design to assists client needs and improve process.


Improve product design for ZERO defects.


Manufacture product with latest and best technology.