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Latest News,

WEB upgrade to the latest technology.

We have used and done WEb projects since 1996, but somehow got side tracked and did not keep with the latest technology. We were aware that there are lots of new capabilities, but work load would not allow it. Starting in 2016, we decided to do a pilot test and at minimum to upgrade the company's web site. We will release the first phase of the project in June, 2016.

Other News,

The torqueView™ website

The torqueView.com website is completed and it is published. This is the initial run on the product website. We will have more features added soon.

Monthly Newsletter

Customer Newsletter is coming. Few years back we started but we did not continue with it. We will have our newsletter soon. The new web site will allow customer registration. This will facilitate emailing the newsletter.

torqueView™ touch program update

We are working on the upgrade of the torqueView™ touch program. This will be a major version update. We have had few minor upgrades in the past. This version will encompasses many new technologies focused for Steel mills, Pipe Yards and on location pipe make-ups.