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About Us

Anthelion Systems' Business Model

At Anthelion, we have designed Software and Hardware products for over 30 years. We believe in providing superior solutions to our customers by incorporating the latest technology to set them apart from their competition. We provide extensive techincal support which compliments our dependable and reliable products.

We earn our client's respect and loyalty by giving them user friendly and long-lasting equipment. We are committed to providing you with the best products, based on price and performance to meet your needs. We have accumulated many years of technological know how in hardware design and application. Our strategy is outward looking to best serve our existing clients as well as acquiring new ones.

  • Software Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Automation Systems
  • Embedded communications
  • Corrosion Devices
  • Torque Monitoring Systems
  • Embedded Controllers
  • Firmware Programming
  • Jonathan Technical Support

    Customer support for product lines.

  • Terry Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Senior Software / Hardware Designer.

  • Jeffrey Equipment Tech.

    Equipment assembly and tech support